Friday, March 02, 2012

"A Breath of Fresh Air in the 180th District"

Dear Friends,

By now, you must be aware of the allegations that the city commissioners heard regarding Jonathan Ramos’ 2010 primary-election challenge to Angel Cruz for the 180th State House district seat because Ramos is allied with Ward Leader Carlos Matos, who is married to Renee Tartaglione, the former chairwoman’s daughter and former deputy commissioner.

Renee Tartaglione was handling money and distributing ballots for former state representative candidate Jonathan Ramos.  Ramos’ opponent, State Rep. Angel Cruz, alleged that the entire Tartaglione family has been working against him for years.

They're both engaged in dirty politics. Ramos is no different than Cruz and besides that, where has Ramos been for the past 2 years? These people only show up around election time. Where are they during the rest of the time for 2 years before election time and what are they doing to better their community for the residents who live here?

Ramos now comes out in support of Quetzy Lozada, who is/was...Are you ready?  Ramos has now replaced Lozada after she announced her candidacy and drew attention to her campaign- bait & switch?  Politics as usual in the 180th.

So now, Ramos is once again a political player running for the 180th state representative seat to be put in place by Maria Quinone's Sanchez if she has her way. Why? Because Angel Cruz, a former supporter of Sanchez placed his support behind 7th Ward contender Danny Savage in  the last 7th Council District election. Sanchez and Cruz are now bitter rivals along with Jonathan Ramos and the "gang" - the Tartaglione/Matos crew.

There is a stench of distrust throughout the neighborhoods within the 180th district and the residents truly do really deserve better than all this; don't you think?

It is time for a breath of fresh air in the 180th district. Now comes Anthony P. Johnson... Free from the ties of corruption, political back-biting, in-fighting and "special interests". Mr. Johnson can be found in the community on any given day working with and engaging the residents to become involved to promote a better future for all of the 180th community- good old fashioned  determination to make a difference along with hard work and no drama. No ties to these political machines but a willingness to work with anyone who is interested in coming together to progress forward with the best interests for the ALL the residents of the district in mind.

If residents ever want to stop the madness and break these self-serving "political machines", is time to start fresh and renew the energies in the 180th district- VOTE Anthony P. Johnson for State Rep.

Terri L. Willmott, Campaign Manager
Communications Director
"Friends of Anthony P. Johnson for State Rep. PA 180-2012"

A Brief History of Politics as Usual

Estás Viendo: Quetcy Lozada anunció candidatura
La líder comunitaria presentó su candidatura para el puesto de representante del Distrito 180 de Filadelfia.
Fuente: Univision
Translation: You are viewing: Quetcy Lozada announced candidacy
The community leader presented her candidacy for the office of representative of District 180 of Philadelphia.
Source: Univision

María Quiñones: Del “¡coño, carajo!” al pragmatismo político

"With all these years of scuffle, the question remains in the ink is why Maria Quiñones Sánchez stayed in a community that always turned away? Her response is that of a tanned woman in the disputes for local power. She knows that Philadelphia is blue and tactics for change in the system is to be part of it."
'Here you can not compete as an independent because it is very difficult to deal with the machinery from the outside. Here the Democrats control everything. What you have to do is beat your own party.'


Rough and tumble North Philadelphia primary sparks criminal probe
Friday, June 4th, 2010
By: Dave Davies

"When retired police officer Jonathan Ramos took on incumbent State Representative Angel Cruz in the Democratic primary, he knew he was in for a battle. But he said what he witnessed on Election Day was sickening."

“The conduct that I seen was thuggerism, intimidation,” said Ramos.

This is Philadelphia politics, so this story isn't clean and simple. Cruz partisans say that, while Ramos is complaining about irregularities, he's working with some of the city's sleaziest politicians.

Ramos has the support of Marge Tartaglione, Democratic leader of the 62nd ward and a living emblem of machine politics. Tartaglione's son-in-law is Carlos Matos, a longtime ward leader and sworn enemy of Angel Cruz, and a man with a truly checkered history. He was recently released from prison after serving nearly three years for bribing Atlantic City Councilmen.

Ramos said Cruz is talking about political alliances to distract attention from his Election Day conduct.

“The Tartagliones and the Matos and that whole family,” said Ramos, “their name was not on the ballot. The name on the ballot was Jonathan Ramos. He's responsible for his own actions, just like I'm responsible for my own actions.”

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