Monday, March 19, 2012

"Secure Your Future", says Angel Cruz--Secure Who's Future?


Cruz votes 'no' on Republican voter suppression bill - 14 Mar 2012

A 'no' vote on the bill Mr. Cruz himself co-sponsored?

His explanation:

A month to the day before H.B. 934 was introduced by state Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, R-Butler, Cruz introduced a bill (H.B. 647) to require driver's license photos to be added to voter registration cards. Cruz said that legislation was aimed at providing a second form of photo identification to Pennsylvania residents.

"It seems to me that Representative Metcalfe took the legislation I introduced with good intentions, added a number of requirements aimed at disenfranchising voters, and introduced it as his voter ID bill," Cruz said.


Why was state rep. Cruz so eager to make it more difficult for voter's to vote in future elections? It seems he was attempting to "secure" his own future. However, it appears as though he had a sudden change of heart when he received strong opposition from
"Democracia", a leading Hispanic organization which is also a project of NCLR, National Council of La Raza. Their mission is to increase the prominence and participation of Hispanics in every aspect of the political process. Consequently, at the last moment, Mr. Cruz chose to change his vote even though the original voter ID Law was his idea.

What is quite peculiar about all this is that the only person accused of voter fraud in the last primary election (May 2010) in 180th district is state rep. Angel Cruz.

Well, At least we now know who Mr. Cruz takes his orders from and it is not "WE the PEOPLE". Voting for Angel Cruz is a vote to secure his future- not yours.

Invest in Your Future. VOTE Anthony P. Johnson for State Representative.One Voice. One Vote. Your Future.

Terri L. Willmott
Campaign Manager
Communications Director

Anthony P. Johnson
Candidate for State Rep PA 180

Cruz urges committee action on voter identification bill

HARRISBURG, June 6 – State Rep. Angel Cruz, D-Phila., is calling on the House State Government Committee to take action on his legislation (H.B. 647) that would provide for a government-issued Voter Registration Photo ID card.  

The legislation would require each county registration commission to:

· Upon receipt of a voter registration application, mail instructions to the registered elector regarding submission of the elector's photograph to the county voter registration commission.

· Upon approval of a voter registration application and receipt of a registered elector's photograph, prepare a wallet-sized voter's identification card for the registered elector, which includes a high-quality copy of his or her photograph.

Under the bill, Pennsylvania residents would be required to present this mandated Voter Registration Photo ID before casting a ballot at the polls on Election Day.

"My bill would help to ensure voter safety and reduce fraudulent activities on Election Day," Cruz said. "I am urging the State Government Committee to take a vote on this legislation so that it can come up for a vote before members of the full House."

And then there is this:

Cruz urges State Government Committee to act on bill
to require training for poll watchers

HARRISBURG, June 27 – State Rep. Angel Cruz, D-Phila., is urging the House State Government Committee to take action on his bill (H.B. 1612) that would require training for poll watchers.

A poll watcher is a representative of a candidate, political party, civic organization or proposition who is legally present in the polling place to observe the conduct of an election. 

Cruz' bill would require training for poll watchers before they could perform their job duties on Election Day. At the successful completion of training, a certificate would be provided to a poll watcher, which would have to be presented at the polling place where the watcher planned to work.

"Mandatory training would ensure that poll watchers can properly perform duties and will aid in preventing voter fraud across Pennsylvania," Cruz said. "I hope the State Government Committee will recognize the importance of this measure and send it to the full House for a vote."

Cruz said last week he also sought to add his proposal to require training for poll watchers as an amendment to legislation (H.B. 934) that would require voters to present photo identification when they vote.

The amendment required a suspension of House rules in order to be considered during final passage of H.B. 934. The motion failed 106-90, which prevented Cruz' amendment from being considered by the full House.

Cruz said he will continue to push his stand-alone legislation in order to create a poll watcher training mandate in Pennsylvania.

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