Monday, April 23, 2012

The April 24th Primary tomorrow is the ONLY vote- MAKE IT COUNT!

District 180- On the Ballot (in this order)-
Jonathan Ramos - (D)
Anthony Johnson - (D) #112
Angel Cruz - (D)

IF you have ANY problems at your polling place regarding VOTER INTIMIDATION, BULLYING, you are A WITNESS to VOTER FRAUD or you have ANY other problems or issues while casting YOUR VOTE... DO NOT HESITATE to CALL or CONTACT Committee of Seventy offices IMMEDIATELY- contact Luke McKinstry, Policy Assistant, or 215-557-3600, ext. 112. Your VOTE is your VOICE! If you have any problem with filing a compliant, contact:

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Soul Tree Radio Interview with Anthony Johnson

Soul Tree Radio Show-
Unscripted 52 min Interview w. Anthony Johnson
Candidate for State Rep. PA 180- 2012
April 21, 2012.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Residents of the 180th District- "You Deserve Better"

In your hands, patient and faithful residents of the 180th District, is the momentous task of choosing your next state representative on April 24th. As I've stated from the start, this primary was never about myself, Angel Cruz or Jonathan Ramos. This primary is a referendum on the office of the state representative and it's insurmountable failure to serve the people of the 180th District.

Many of you elected the incumbent, Angel Cruz from 2000-2010 because he promised to bring prosperity to our community and each time he was elected the more he failed to bring much needed services to a population of more than 60,000 residents. Mr. Jonathan Ramos, who consistently loses to Mr. Cruz (2008 and 2010), has also failed you because he knowingly participated in illegal acts in an attempt to unseat Angel Cruz.

You deserve better.

In 2008 and 2010, the last two primaries, Mr. Cruz and Mr. Ramos were your only choices. Mr. Cruz, the incumbent, who cares more about his pension and medical coverage than the residents. Mr. Cruz said, "I have two more terms to finish here before I can lock in my pension and my medical's silly for me to go backwards." Then there's Mr. Ramos, a man who embraced being a "cheat" in order to win a primary.

You deserve better.

In 2012, you have an alternative candidate to the two I just spoke of. As a resident, I serve you as a community activist and voice that places your needs first. My "Vision" Plan will bring prosperity to our community creating:

* Jobs

* Improving our schools

* Providing programs for our youth and senior citizens

* Reducing poverty

* Reducing crime

Further, I will not represent "some" of the residents in the 180th District like Mr. Cruz; I will represent "every" resident in 180th District.

You've waited long enough and you deserve better. As your next state representative, your faith in having a prosperous and safe 180th District will be rewarded.

APRIL 24th: VOTE Anthony P. Johnson for State Representative. Button #112


Anthony P. Johnson, Candidate for State Representative, 180th District PA

Support the campaign of Anthony P. Johnson, Candidate for PA State Representative, 180th District, Juniata Park Community, Philadelphia, PA, USA. Anthony is "A Man on the Move" to realize a vision for a more vibrant and thriving Juniata community.

For more information:

Monday, April 16, 2012

"Is It Unreasonable to Expect an Honest Election in Philly's 180th district?"

Several "complaints were filed against state Rep. Angel Cruz about the May 18, 2010 Democratic primary election for the 180th state House District seat... asking the City Commission to investigate results in the 7th Ward division by division.  Jonathan Ramos was represented at Commission meeting by attorney Kevin Greenberg, who claimed: 'If you go through this division by division, the 7th Ward is rife with improprieties.'

The state Attorney General's Office opened an inquiry, based on a complaint referred to that agency by the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office.  Attorney Kevin Greenberg laid out his claims about the 7th Ward, where Cruz is the leader, for the City Commissioners... The Commissioners said they would consider the request for an investigation.

Here's a run-down of claims made by Ramos:

There was an unusual "over-vote" in the 180th District race, with 1,271 voters in the ward casting ballots while just 793 voters cast ballots in the ward for the governor's race. Typically "top of the ballot" races like governor and senator draw far more ballots that state House races.

Cruz took home the tape that records results for a voting machine in the ward's 23rd division and never turned it it.  His brother, Luis, took home a tape from a machine in the 11th division and didn't turn it in until the next day.

Investigators for Ramos found that 72 people registered as Republicans, independents or in other political parties were allowed to vote in the Democratic primary for the 180th District.

Ramos claims that one voter who cast a ballot in the race is dead, four no longer live at the address where they were registered to vote, three were registered in vacant properties and three had bogus addresses.

Nine voters claimed that they were accompanied into the ballot booth with "assistors" who showed them who to vote for or voted for them."

Wednesday, June 16, 2010
"Ramos Steps Up Complaints Against Cruz In State Rep. Race"
by Chris Brennan

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Strategic “Vision” Plan- 180th District

180th District PA 2013-2020


  1.  “Vision” Plan for the 180th District
  2.  Goals and Outcomes for the 180th District
  3.  Strategic Objectives to Achieve the Goals for the 180th District
  4.  Who Am I

I. Vision for the 180th District
The “Vision” Plan for the 180th District will provide programs and services to youth, adolescents, adults and families to excel through academic and social achievement. The “Vision” Plan is dedicated to achieving sustainable human development in the 180th District in which residents are able to enjoy a full range of “human basic rights and services” which will free them from illiteracy, violence, and poverty. Further, the “Vision” Plan will create job opportunities, senior citizen and after school programs and address safety concerns in the 180th District.

The “Vision” Plan is guided by the principles of building creative and trusting relationships with the residents, community and faith based organizations, school officials, and public servants to provide the highest quality of services and programs which will:

  • Give priority to the needs and interests of the residents of the 180th District.
  • Encourage & Promote Community Unity.
  • Authentic participation of organizations that provide resources that affect the lives of residents and families of the 180th District.
  • Respect and foster human rights, both socioeconomic and civil-political of the 180th District.
  • Seek to enhance multicultural equality of the 180th District.
  • Understand and respect the history and culture of the residents of the community of the 180th District that I serve.

II. Goals and Outcomes
The “Vision” Plan targets several goals and the outcomes for the 180th District that will be effectively addressed to transform a crime infested, uneducated, impotent community scarce on resources into a thriving neighborhood.  The goals are as follows:

Goal 1: Eradicate Illiteracy

Goal 2: Promote Community Unity

Goal 3: Develop Effective Partnerships with Local Businesses

Goal 4: Create a Safe Community
Goal 5: Improve and Create Grassroots Programs.

Goal 6: Re-implement extracurricular activities back into the public schools in the 180th District.

III. Strategic Objectives to Achieve the Goals
For far too long individuals seeking elected office in the 180th District have focused on the problems in the community but in most cases provide ineffective solutions to address them. However, I believe that just as it is important to highlight the detriments in the 180th District; I will be creating strategies, initiatives and outcomes to eradicate poverty, illiteracy, high unemployment and crime. These are issues which are equally vital and viable that will benefit the quality of life for the residents.

Strategies to achieve the goals in the 180th District are as follows:

My “Vision” Plan will create a coalition of grant writers to obtain funding for necessary services for the 180th District although the state government is planning to eliminate many of the needed services in Philadelphia that will also affect the 180th District. Instead of waiting for the governor to decide on providing the necessary funding for economic growth in the 180th District, my administration will be proactive by obtaining funding through the grant process.

By obtaining funding through grant writing I will address the following:

Goal: 1
  1. Decrease illiteracy and the dropout rate
  2. Extra-curricular Programs
  3. Increase Senior Citizens Programs
  4. Decrease Obesity
  5. Safety

  • Increase high school graduation rate in the 180th District 20% by 2020.
  • Increase extra-curricular programs, i.e. mentoring, fencing, rugby, golf, and soccer in the schools located in the 180th District 35% by 2020.
  • Increase senior citizen programs in the 180th District 15% by 2018.
  • Reduce obesity among youth and adolescents between the ages of 10 years old-18 years old 40% by 2020.
  • Increase safety by expanding the Town Watch program and increase police presence in the 180th District 16% by 2015.

Goal:  2
Formulate a coalition of local businesses to promote employment opportunities for residents.

Improve employment opportunities for residents interested in obtaining employment in local business 14% by 2018. 

Goal: 3
Create a coalition of community based and faith based non-profit organizations.

Implement free extra-curricular and after school programs in public and charter schools located in the 180th District by 2016.

Goal: 4
Organize training workshops, professional development seminars, and facilitate peer reviews with school officials, residents, and stakeholders.

Provide these services to 100% of the residents in the 180th District by 2020.

Goal: 5
Commission research analysis on issues in aid and development in the 180th District by conducting regular surveys/interviews with residents to identify “specific” needs for programs and services as well as gather statistical information about current and future programs that are of interest.

Based on the research and analysis, each year create and update a community resource manual and distribute to the residents in the 180th District.

IV. Who Am I?
I am a resident of Juniata, and a Human Services lead instructor in a post-secondary school. I am also the Executive Director of Dream Field Academy, a non-profit community organization dedicated to helping youth through academic enhancement, and leadership training and non-traditional sports such as golf, soccer, rugby and fencing.

I am a community activist determined to bring positive changes to the neighborhood. As a former Block Captain, I am constantly seeking solutions to empower the 180th District.

As a Human Service professional, Grant Writer, Entrepreneur, Instructor, Author, and Scholar; the “Vision” Plan was created for the sole purpose of providing effective programs and services to the residents of the 180th District.

I am the co-founder of the “180th Watchdog Coalition.” Our mission is to ensure that the elected officials of the 180th District and the District Attorney represent the needs and concerns of our residents by fulfilling the promises they made to our community during their political campaigns. It is our responsibility to monitor our elected officials and hold them accountable. Through the coalition’s efforts we’ve accomplished the following:

  • Currently working to implement a new traffic light and new lane at G Street and Wyoming Avenue.
  • “180th Watchdog Coalition” 2010-2011 Voter Registration Drive.
  • 1st annual “Keeping the Neighborhood Beautiful” clean-up day.
  • Provided Holiday Turkeys & Non-Perishable Food Drive for the holidays.

As the Executive Director of Dream Field Academy, a 501 (C)(3) mentoring program, I am humbled that my efforts in the 180th District and throughout Philadelphia are endorsed and supported by partnerships, affiliations and community  collaborations with the following individuals and organizations as follows:

1.  President Barrack Obama                     
2.  Citizens Bank
3.  United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania                        
4.  WOAR (Women Organized Against Rape)
5.  Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health & Mental Retardation
6.  Better Days
7.  Black Women in Sports Foundation
8.  Caregivers Choice Mentoring Program
9.  Daddy’s Right Here, Inc.

                        Released June 23, 2011                      Copyright 2011

Friday, April 13, 2012

Anthony Johnson for State Rep 180th District 2012

Endorsement from Mr. Darin Toliver.
Vice President, Black Men at Penn. School of Social Work, Inc.
MSW · Social Work & Social Policy