Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"All the Way to the PA Supreme Court?"

Dear Friends,

On two occasions, the lower court denied incumbent state rep. Angel Cruz to challenge my petitions, so what did he do? He took the matter to the PA Supreme Court--and they too denied him. I guess his next move will be to take the matter to the People’s Court and then the tennis court.

Since, the first day that all candidates were legally allowed to obtain signatures from registered Democrats in the 180th District; I have personally been to more than 2000 homes and have spoken with numerous residents in the district. My candidacy is grassroots so I believe that if you truly want to serve the people—YOU, the candidate must talk with the very people you desire to represent in order to know what is needed to bring prosperity to the community.

No hype! No gimmicks! No promises! Just results!

Tell your family and friends that reside and who are registered in the 180th District that on APRIL 24th-Vote Anthony Johnson for state rep.

Anthony P. Johnson, Candidate for State Rep. PA 180

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