Friday, February 17, 2012

“Leadership That Will Lead the Residents of the 180th District”

As I travel throughout the 180th District, there is a deep-seeded distrust of elected officials that are supposed to represent the community. As I speak with fellow residents about the "Vision" Plan that I want to implement in the district, they ask, "Anthony, are you going to be like them." When I answer them, I mean it; “Absolutely not!” I am enjoying canvassing the 180th District, knocking on doors and talking to the residents because they speak from the heart and they know what they want in a leader.

What I love most about my travels is the fact that the citizens in the 180th District are concerned and compassionate for the entire community. Of course they want to protect and provide for their families, but they also care about their neighbor’s family and the family several blocks away. In essence, if you're from the 180th District; you are "family". For so long there have been many empty promises, hype, cheap gimmicks and political corruption from those that were running for office and those who have been elected who were supposed to represent us—the citizens of the 180th District.

The 2012 election for state representative of the 180th District isn’t about me, Mr. Cruz, Ms. Lozada or anyone else. This election is about the residents and the entire community of the 180th District and rewarding them for their patience while they have been ignored for far too long. It is time for all of the residents in the community, our “family”, to be treated fairly—and if elected as your next leader, I plan to do just that.

“Progressives will bring balance to the Republic”

Anthony P. Johnson, Candidate for State Rep. 180th District-2012

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