Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"Here we go- AGAIN!"

Here we go- AGAIN!

April 24, 2012-- Primary Election Day!

Citizens of the 180th District will go to the polls April 24, 2012 with the task of choosing between current state representative Angel Cruz that has a 12 year track record of faithfully failing the people of the 180th District, or the candidate, Jonathan Ramos that has no track record of serving the community other than as a 20-year veteran of the Philadelphia Police force and myself, Anthony P. Johnson.

I am not a politician—I am a Human Services professional who is dedicated to changing the quality of life for the people in this community. It is time for us to stand together as unified citizens and demand better for our families and future generations. I work endlessly on a daily basis in the community to mentor our youth and provide access to a better future for all.

What significant changes has Angel Cruz brought to the 180th district over the past decade? Has the quality of life, education, safety or employment for you and your families improved? Has he made himself available to ALL of the citizens of the district when they reach out to him for help? I think not.

Jonathan Ramos has no track record of creating any type of grassroots programs that have proven beneficial and productive to youth, adolescents, adults, senior citizens or families to combat the plethora of social maladies consuming our community. He shows up every 2 years at election time, where is he and what has he done in the past 2 years besides build allies against Angel Cruz?

You should vote--and you must vote!

As one of my political science instructors used to jokingly say, “Anthony, vote early and vote often. For if you do not, you do not matter, but when you do—you can change the world.”

When you don't vote, your concerns fall upon the ears of elected officials who could care less about your needs and those of the community. When you do not participate in the electoral process, candidates that serve their own interests are elected and proceed to destroy the great Republic’s political process.

Once again, you DO NOT have to choose between Angel Cruz and Jonathan Ramos as State Representative to address your needs, when in fact, up until now neither one has ever made you a priority.

Let's get it right this time- I am here to serve YOU.

Anthony P. Johnson, Candidate for State Rep.
180th Legislative District, PA

Terri L. Willmott, Campaign Manager


*"When retired police officer Jonathan Ramos took on incumbent State Representative Angel Cruz in the Democratic primary, he knew he was in for a battle. But he said what he witnessed on Election Day was sickening."

    “The conduct that I seen was thuggerism, intimidation,” said Ramos.

This is Philadelphia politics, so this story isn't clean and simple. Cruz partisans say that, while Ramos is complaining about irregularities, he's working with some of the city's sleaziest politicians.

Ramos has the support of Marge Tartaglione, Democratic leader of the 62nd ward and a living emblem of machine politics. Tartaglione's son-in-law is Carlos Matos, a longtime ward leader and sworn enemy of Angel Cruz, and a man with a truly checkered history. He was recently released from prison after serving nearly three years for bribing Atlantic City Councilmen.

Ramos said Cruz is talking about political alliances to distract attention from his Election Day conduct.

“The Tartagliones and the Matos and that whole family,” said Ramos, “their name was not on the ballot. The name on the ballot was Jonathan Ramos. He's responsible for his own actions, just like I'm responsible for my own actions.”

EXACTLY!   Thank you for making our point, Mr Ramos! Neither yourself nor Angel Cruz possess the character or integrity to represent the residents of the 180th District.

Terri L. Willmott, Campaign Manager

**Rough and tumble North Philadelphia primary sparks criminal probe | WHYY News and Information | WHYY

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