Thursday, April 19, 2012

Residents of the 180th District- "You Deserve Better"

In your hands, patient and faithful residents of the 180th District, is the momentous task of choosing your next state representative on April 24th. As I've stated from the start, this primary was never about myself, Angel Cruz or Jonathan Ramos. This primary is a referendum on the office of the state representative and it's insurmountable failure to serve the people of the 180th District.

Many of you elected the incumbent, Angel Cruz from 2000-2010 because he promised to bring prosperity to our community and each time he was elected the more he failed to bring much needed services to a population of more than 60,000 residents. Mr. Jonathan Ramos, who consistently loses to Mr. Cruz (2008 and 2010), has also failed you because he knowingly participated in illegal acts in an attempt to unseat Angel Cruz.

You deserve better.

In 2008 and 2010, the last two primaries, Mr. Cruz and Mr. Ramos were your only choices. Mr. Cruz, the incumbent, who cares more about his pension and medical coverage than the residents. Mr. Cruz said, "I have two more terms to finish here before I can lock in my pension and my medical's silly for me to go backwards." Then there's Mr. Ramos, a man who embraced being a "cheat" in order to win a primary.

You deserve better.

In 2012, you have an alternative candidate to the two I just spoke of. As a resident, I serve you as a community activist and voice that places your needs first. My "Vision" Plan will bring prosperity to our community creating:

* Jobs

* Improving our schools

* Providing programs for our youth and senior citizens

* Reducing poverty

* Reducing crime

Further, I will not represent "some" of the residents in the 180th District like Mr. Cruz; I will represent "every" resident in 180th District.

You've waited long enough and you deserve better. As your next state representative, your faith in having a prosperous and safe 180th District will be rewarded.

APRIL 24th: VOTE Anthony P. Johnson for State Representative. Button #112


Anthony P. Johnson, Candidate for State Representative, 180th District PA

Support the campaign of Anthony P. Johnson, Candidate for PA State Representative, 180th District, Juniata Park Community, Philadelphia, PA, USA. Anthony is "A Man on the Move" to realize a vision for a more vibrant and thriving Juniata community.

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