Tuesday, April 03, 2012

“The Bonds of Ignorance, Apathy, Bigotry and Racism”

As a resident, I speak with other residents of different ethnicities in the 180th District everyday. Yes, contrary to urban myth, there are many different ethnicities in the district. But if you read some of the threads of the other candidates’ supporters; they talk as if the 180th District is 100% Latino American. What I also know is that many of the Latino residents in the district are very uncomfortable with such talk because they do not share such divisive rhetoric.

This type of talk is very disturbing because it doesn’t unite a community that has consistently been betrayed by some of its elected officials; it merely strengthens the bonds of ignorance, apathy, bigotry and racism. Folks, there are African Americans, Irish Americans, Italian Americans, French speaking Americans and Asian Americans just to name a few, that make-up the district. Are they not supposed to expect elected officials from the 180th District to represent their needs, or do their concerns not matter?

In some of the threads I’ve read, “Cruz and Ramos have done a lot for Puerto Ricans” or “Cruz and Ramos have done very little for Puerto Ricans.” Whether that is true or not, my question is this: What has State Representative Angel Cruz or Jonathan Ramos done for “all ethnicities” residing in the 180th District? Are Mr. Cruz and Mr. Ramos campaigning to represent only one group in the community? Do Mr. Cruz and Mr. Ramos represent the entire 180th District or just certain wards, and ultimately, their own interests? Think about it.

As your next State Representative, I plan to bring prosperity to all the residents of the diverse 180th District that has been betrayed over and over again; still they hope for a better future. My goal is to reward them for their unflinching hope.

“Progressives will bring balance to the Republic”

Anthony P. Johnson, Candidate for State Representative180th District, 2012

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